EnPass Review [2022]: Is It The Best Password Manager?

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Rating: 4.5

If you are worried about your passwords or personal information being hacked and searching for the best password managers online to keep you safe but have no idea how they work and which one to choose, you have come to the right place.

It is even more horrifying to see that when one of your online accounts gets hacked, you start seeing malicious activity happening on your other accounts.

Today I’ll be reviewing one of the best password managers out there – EnPass, which I have been using for more than three years.

  • Ease of use
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Breach monitoring
  • Low subscription fees
  • Lacks two-factor authentication
  • Doesn’t import passwords directly from the browser
  • Limited features

EnPass Overview

EnPass is a secure password manager that allows users to protect their multiple accounts with a unique and robust password generated for every account.

It is an offline password manager and stores everything as encrypted on your local device and nothing on the servers. It also allows syncing passwords and other credentials to your cloud account.

EnPass is available for almost all platforms, but the free version is restricted only to the desktop platform. EnPass password manager uses a robust encryption algorithm – a 256-bit AES key to encrypt users’ data using an open-source encryption engine – SQLCIPHER.

EnPass Features

As with many other password managers available there, EnPass has tons of great features to protect its users’ passwords and other data by having an encrypted database. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Offline: EnPass is an offline password manager, which means they store everything encrypted in a local device and nothing on EnPass servers.
  • Sync to Cloud: Even though EnPass is an offline password manager, it allows one to sync their data to one of their online cloud accounts.
  • Autofill: Enpass automatically detects login forms and auto-fills all the details ideally without hassle.
  • Cross-platform: It is available for all platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Password Audit: It is one of the great features to look for when buying a password manager. It health tests your stored passwords and segregates them in different sections for passwords: weak, compromised, identical, expired, breached, and also shows the websites that support two-factor authentication but don’t have a one-time code saved in the EnPass database.
  • Breach monitoring: This feature automatically notifies you about the breaches of any websites for which an online account is stored in Enpass.
  • Checks for compromised passwords: Enpass automatically checks your stored passwords against the list of leaked passwords managed on an open-source website known as Have I Been Pawned.
  • External import: allows seamlessly importing data from other password managers to EnPass. It also allows importing data from excel, spreadsheet, or any CSV files saved on a computer.
  • Auto-backup: ensures data is always securely backed up to the encrypted database.

EnPass Pricing

Enpass pricing models follow three-different plans: Individual, Family, and One-Time. Desktop users on Windows, macOS, and Linux devices can use the free Lite version of the EnPass.

EnPass includes all the basic features and can store unlimited items. This version also allows free syncing capabilities between desktops apps.

But when you sync those items to mobile, it can do so up to the limit of 25, and syncing above that limit would require you to subscribe to their paid plans.

When writing this article, The Individual plan costs around ₹1,772 per year or about ₹147.6 per month.

The individual plan comes with unlimited passwords and items, and you can have endless vaults synced across multiple devices without any limit on that.

EnPass also alerts you about the website breaches for which you have an account stored in EnPass. In addition, EnPass also identifies accounts that support two-factor authentication (2FA) but hasn’t been set up yet.

A family plan offers the same features as Individual Plan; the only difference is that you can add up to 6 members. The family plan comes at a price of ₹3617.99 per year or ₹301.49 per month. Alternatively, one can pay a one-time fee of ₹6030.45 and enjoy all the benefits for a lifetime.

These plans come with Email and forum support if you have doubts or are facing an issue to resolve your queries.

IndividualFamily One-time
Price₹708.80 for the first 12 months₹2170.79 for the first 12 months₹6030 for one-time
Number of itemsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

EnPass Setup

EnPass on desktop (both Windows & Mac) offers two ways to install it. One can download either via their respective AppStore or from EnPass’s website.

EnPass Password Manager

Installing EnPass was quick and easy. As Enpass is an offline password manager, you won’t need to register an account with them to use it. You can create a master password and continue using their features.

Registering for an EnPass account lets you enable extra features like you can unlock Enpass with your biometrics, set up a dark theme, and create custom templates and categories.

These aren’t robust features, and you can still use EnPass completely without activating an account for it. If you don’t want to enter your master password repeatedly, then EnPass allows you to set up a PIN. But the only condition is that the EnPass should run in the background.

EnPass Interface

The interface of the EnPass looks clean and doesn’t get cluttered, even if you have too many items stored. It’s sweet and straightforward.

The desktop version of the EnPass password manager has three columns;

  • the left column shows several pieces of information related to the categories, password audit, and other miscellaneous details.
  • the middle column lists out the stored items, and
  • the rightmost column (when not any particular item was selected) shows the password audit information; otherwise, it shows the details for the selected item.
EnPass Interface

You can add new items by clicking on the ‘+‘ button in the upper-middle section of the EnPass screen and can select what type of item you would like to add. The item you add would appear in the categories section.

If your category is something that doesn’t appear in Enpass, then it also allows you to create your custom categories & templates that you can use in the future. The newly created category would appear as the last item under the Categories section.

Apart from login and password information, EnPass lets you store everything. They have a library of 80+ built-in templates with which you can store credit cards, passports, social security numbers, important documents, and more.

Password Auditor and Generator

The nicest of the nice feature that the EnPass password manager has is its Password Audit. This feature audits all your passwords and sensitive information and lets you know where your attention is required.

The built-in Password auditor scans the database and segregates them into different sections; it tells you what all passwords have been compromised, how many weak and identical passwords are there, and what all passwords have been breached.

The most interesting feature that EnPass has is that it checks your passwords against the leaked passwords managed on Have I Been Pawned service, an open-source service.

Apart from passwords, Have I Been Pawned also allows you to see if your email addresses and contact numbers have been compromised in previous data breaches. For every compromised account, it notifies you as well.

Coming to the EnPass password generator, which pretty much generates strong random passwords. The generator is simple and doesn’t confuse with too much data in it.

If you’d prefer to use a more secure password, EnPass allows you to increase the password length. You can also include uppercase, digits, and symbols to strengthen your passwords.

We recommend you to keep your password length of 20-21 and keep all options enabled. But if you want to exclude some characters as per the application, you can do so.

EnPass password generator

EnPass Browser Extension and Autofill

EnPass uses browser extensions for auto-filling usernames, passwords, and more on web pages. Extensions are available for all major browsers, and one would not face any difficulty while installing them.

The first time you install the EnPass browser extension, it asks you to authenticate the browser that enables the communication between the browser and the Enpass app.

EnPass browser authentication

Having the browser extension installed and enabled can automatically detect login forms and auto-fill all fields perfectly without any hassle. If you need to generate a password quickly, you can do it via browser as well.

EnPass autofill feature

Password Syncing

EnPass doesn’t store your passwords on its server, and if you plan to use it on a single device, you might not need to sync it. But the need arises when you want to connect more devices with one EnPass account.

With the EnPass password manager, you can sync all your data across your devices without reaching the EnPass server. It currently offers two ways to sync your data:

  • Cloud Sync, and
  • Cloudless Sync

EnPass Cloud Sync

With the cloud sync feature, EnPass will sync all your data with the cloud backup of your choice (through your own account), and in no way it will be stored with the EnPass servers.

EnPass currently supports the following clouds for syncing your data:

  • Dropbox
  • iCloud
  • Google Drive
  • One Cloud (Personal/Business)
  • Box
  • WebDAV
  • NextCloud

Cloudless Sync

If you are more of a security person and not sure or skeptical about sending your data over the cloud, then EnPass’s cloudless sync lets you sync your data across your devices over a local Wi-Fi/network.

With Cloudless sync, you can sync all your vault items with any folder on your local device, and as soon as you make any changes to the vault items, the data will be automatically backed up to your specified folder.

I felt this process is more complicated as it takes time to set things before the syncing can happen properly.

EnPass Mobile Apps

The mobile version of the EnPass looks modern and the app doesn’t look buggy at all. With biometric support for both Android and iOS, you can set up a PIN or facial recognition to access your EnPass account instead of entering a master password.

EnPass mobile app

If you’re on a free plan then you will be limited to one vault and 25 items. The mobile app works the same way as the desktop app and you won’t notice any such difference.

Since the transition of an EnPass to a subscription model, you can now purchase an EnPass subscription once and can use the same set of features on other devices. In order to restore the subscription on other devices like mobile, you have to provide the same email address that was provided while registering EnPass.

EnPass Review: Final Verdict

Overall, Enpass is a great password manager for every user. Though it doesn’t offer too many features to play with, it works perfectly as expected, whatever the features that EnPass offers.

The only time-consuming process that I found was the Cloudless sync. But as I don’t feel the need for this feature, I am okay with that.

EnPass has a clean interface and provides a great user experience both in mobile and desktop versions. Looking at the subscription cost, EnPass does come with a reasonable price tag for each plan that enables


Have a few doubts before deciding to purchase EnPass? Look no further.

Where does Enpass store passwords?

EnPass is a pure offline password manager which means not even a single information is stored on their server. As it is an offline password manager, everything is stored locally on your device in an encrypted form.

How many devices can I use EnPass on?

EnPass can be used on unlimited devices as long as you are having a subscription. A single account can be used on multiple devices and all can have the same subscription plan. This means you are not required to purchase a plan for every device. With a subscription of any type, you can store unlimited passwords and items.

How do I reset my master password for EnPass?

There’s no way to recover your master password if you lose it. If you forget your master password, you will lose access to your EnPass account. But if you feel like changing your master password while inside the app then navigate to Settings -> Security -> Change Master Password. The master password will get changed to all your connected devices if sync is enabled.

Is EnPass password manager safe?

The data you store in EnPass is fully encrypted with a 256-bit AES key using an open-source encryption engine – SQLCipher. The encryption key is derived from your master password, so it becomes really important not to lose it.

Is EnPass password manager free?

Yes, It is. The free plan of the EnPass password manager will allow you full access on the desktop irrespective of any OS. While on the mobile you’re limited to only 25 items. If you are thinking to upgrade a plan you can check the EnPass pricing models.

Does EnPass sync across devices?

With EnPass you can sync your data across all your devices through any of the supported clouds. Or you can sync them locally using Wi-Fi to any of your folders on your local device/network.

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